27 May 2011

The Ironman Trilogy: The First Chapter – Lanzarote

I have been talking about this Trilogy for just over a year and I was so excited to finally get out there and do it. This is one of the toughest IM out there and with a motto like this, ‘normal limits do not apply’ you know you're in for it. But when I woke up that morning and pulled on my lycra, I could feel the electricity in the air and the buzz surrounding everyone who was racing. It went a little something like this…

18 May 2011

THE IRONMAN TRILOGY: The first chapter - Lanzarote (3 days to go)

I am sitting in my apartment in Lanzarote thinking how very different it is to my last visit here. 6 weeks ago I was averaging nearly 6 hours of training a day, now it’s very much a waiting game… 3 days to go.

I feel awful! From the high after EDT camp it has mostly been down hill ever since. Around 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendonosis

03 May 2011

Titans Wednesday Night Fit Club

If you want to increase your fitness, tone up your body and lose fat?  Then this class is for you!

Changes have been made and there is no more Circuit Training on a Thursday night in the Hall. I‘m branching out into the wilderness, well not quite... more like Friary Park!   The new and exciting ‘Fit Club’ will be happening every Wednesday evening.

27 April 2011

EDT Camp Day 5-6

Thursday - Day 5

Swim Race: 1.3k 34:37 + 30min
Bike: 50k
Run: Wildcard

Today the cunning plan FG and I came up with really comes into effect. Friday is the big ride day and we wanted to do as little as possible today and get rested.

15 April 2011

EDT Camp Day 3-4

Tuesday - Day 3

Aquathlon: Swim: 24:23 Transition:1:43 Run: 19:09

Bike: 111k 4hr 50

This morning was the Aquathlon, a 1.2k swim then a 4k run which I was slightly dreading because I was still not feeling great in the water. At least it was a short swim and a short run.

13 April 2011

EDT Camp Day 1-2

Sunday - Official Day 1

Swim: 1.8k 35mins
Bike: 70k 3hrs 44
Run: 5k 32mins

With the alarm going off on the other side of the room, the tactic worked. I had to get out of bed to turn it off and I was up, with FG slow to follow. To my amazement it was raining and just looked stormy. This is the official first day, so I blame the others bringing the London weather.

11 April 2011

EDT Training Camp Lanzarote - Pre Camp

EDT Camp is a training camp put on by my Tri coach Steven at Everyday Training in Lanzarote to put in some volume training. Swimming, Biking and swimming everyday with the aim of completing over 30 hours of training in 6 days. Here is how it went…